Do you find all this talk around "sustainability" overwhelming and wish someone could simplify it and provide correct guidance?

Have you always wanted to contribute to a healthier EARTH but feel unsure of where to start?

We are here to assist you in starting your journey towards sustainable living. Get to know the best practices and choose what suits you.
SF helps take GoodSteps for a healthier YOU & EARTH with its knowledge sessions/workshops.

We offer sessions suited for Individuals, Corporates and Schools.


Imbibe sustainable living mindset and everyday living practices among your employees with the Smaller Footprint courses. We offer online and offline guided sessions about mindful living which will help your employees take good steps for the environment in their daily lives easily. Reach out to us at goodideas@smallerfootprint.co to schedule a session for your employees.

1. Introduction to Sustainable Living

  • Understanding sustainability from an individual standpoint.
  • Demystifying jargon and myths around it.
  • Small actions – practical and easy, which bring high impact. 
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2. Bio Enzymes: Convert Household Waste to Natural Cleaners

  • Introduction – The Need
  • How to Make Natural Cleaners– Bio enzyme
  • Usage- Where and How?
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3. The Sorting Story: What, Why, How in WASTE?

  • Introduction – The Need
  • The Categories
  • Let’s sort – GAME
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SF helps you familiarize need and ways towards sustainable living at early age in children. It introduces different concepts and GoodSteps on common areas where kids can directly relate and contribute.

4. Understanding the 3R’s

  • Recycle, Reuse and Reduce by way of story, games, quizzes, songs, videos and discussions.
  • Helping students understand the need and essence of keeping the planet clean and green.
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Imbibe sustainable living mindset and everyday living practices in your everyday life's with the Smaller Footprint courses. Learn how easy it is to adapt a sustainable and low waste lifestyle by just taking a few good steps in your daily lives.

5. Sustainable Living- Part 1 – Introduction (Complimentary)

  • What & Why Sustainable Living, Simplifying Jargons & Debunking Myths.
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6. Sustainable Living- Part 2 – Eco Tips (Paid)

  • Things you can do at Office and at Home.
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