7 Good Steps You Can Do In OFFICE To Lower Your Footprint

7 Good Steps You Can Do In OFFICE To Lower Your Footprint

Living sustainably while working in an office involves making mindful choices and taking small steps towards a greener lifestyle. It doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your routines. Here are some practical tips tailored for office workers to lower their individual carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future. If you have more ideas, feel free to share them by emailing us at hello@smallerfootprint.co.


1. Green Commuting: Carpooling for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Morning traffic is something that we wish to avoid but can’t escape unless starting early or are lucky enough to have a workplace in a less congested place. On top of that are the parking constraints or availability challenges, and the increasing fuel prices and deteriorating air quality. Ridesharing is, after all, not that inconvenient. Green Your Commute by carpooling. It saves time with fewer vehicles and less traffic, saves fuel, helps the environment, and saves money. Now, how to start it? For those who want to know about how this can be approached other than asking friends and colleagues – Check in your housing society groups for people traveling towards your office location. As morning timings are more predictable and mostly fixed for many rather than the evening, even if you can do it once a week it’s a good start.

2. Power Saving: Shutting Down Computers for Energy Efficiency

Turn off Computers/ Laptops instead of hibernating or using sleep mode when leaving the office. Not significant for a single computer or laptop, but when done by all employees or even half, it makes a difference.


3. Reusable Drinkware: Ditching Disposable Bottles for Sustainability

Are the disposable bottles and cups you use rinsed as well as the vessels and cups at home? In today’s time when we don’t want to compromise on cleanliness and sometimes clean certain items twice; are you taking chances by using disposable drinkware? You can control what you use if you sip from a reusable water bottle or your reusable mugs instead of paper/plastic bottles and cups. Moreover, Single-use items are one of the main reasons behind the litter and pollution problem we face today. A one-time adoption/purchase of items can help make this switch and become a big change-maker solution.


4. Eco-Friendly Stationery: Reducing Waste One Pen at a Time

Again not significant for a single pen or pad, but when done by all employees or even half of them, it makes a big difference to the trees, air, etc. So what is to be done here

  1. Refuse and reduce the FREE-stationery give-away – Free-Pen/ Free-pencil/Free-Pads in say meetings/conferences.
  2. Use refillable pens, and better pencils where possible.
  3. Reuse File Folders – Just place a new label on top. Ask your team members to adopt the same practice.


5. Paperless Practices: Embracing Electronic Documents for a Greener Office

Opt for electronic bills, statements, and documents wherever possible. It’s easy to organize, search, and store, especially when we face space constraints.


6. Printing Wisely: Tips for Minimizing Paper Usage in the Workplace

A few printing tricks when adopted make a difference. Three options we suggest A. Standard Word settings leave a huge margin. Reducing the setting means that less paper will be needed to print the same amount of information. B. Reuse single-sided printed paper by making a notepad held by a metal clip. C. Set Up Printers To Automatically Print Double-Sided.


7. Sustainable Hygiene: Using Handkerchiefs Instead of Paper Towels

Are you unknowingly using chemicals that may be safe but don’t suit you? Washrooms at most places don’t have the chemical-free or naturally derived paper towels. Why take the chance then on your sensitive skin? Use a handkerchief instead of paper towels in the washroom.

And once you are able to adopt any 2-3 of the above successfully, you can try the king of all, i.e., make it viral, and we would be happy to help you. Reach out to us at hello@smallerfootprint.co, and we would be happy to schedule a webinar/seminar in your office to tell you about the good steps we can all take for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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