7 Good Habits To Adopt At The Workplace

7 Good Habits To Adopt At The Workplace

If you spend a considerable amount of time working in an office, you can still make a significant difference in lowering your footprint. Here are 7 Good Steps to get you started on green initiatives. If you have any additional tips, feel free to share them with us by emailing goodideas@smallerfootprint.co

  1. Commuting to and from the office:- Morning traffic can be a nightmare, and many of us wish we could avoid it. However, by carpooling or using options like the Cityflo buses, you can save time, fuel, and money, and also reduce traffic and air pollution. Did you know you can save around Rs. 7500 annually if your office is 10 km away from home?

    Now how to get started? Check your housing society groups to find people traveling toward your office location. Even if you avoid using your car just once a week, it can make a significant impact on your wallet and the planet. 

3. Energy Usage:- When leaving the office, make sure to turn off your computer or laptop instead of keeping it in hibernation or sleep mode. While this may seem insignificant for a single device, if everyone in the office does it, the energy savings can be substantial. Switching off lights and fans is another simple and efficient way to save on electricity. You would be surprised to know that just these two steps can save more than 200 kg of CO2 emission on an annual basis. If you would want to know more about how energy can be saved or want to create a healthy competition around it find ideas on that Who Wants To Be The "Energy Leader"

3. Drinkware:- Using disposable water bottles and cups may seem convenient, but they are one of the primary contributors to litter and pollution. Consider switching to a reusable water bottle or mug instead of paper or plastic cups and bottles. By doing so, you'll reduce pollution and waste, and you'll also save money in the long run. Curious to know the impact using your own drinkware creates find at The Difference The Bottle Makes.

Did you know that drinking hot beverages are not safe for your health also?

4. Stationery:-  While it may not seem like a big deal, opting for refillable pens, pencils, and reusable file folders can significantly affect the environment. Refuse and reduce the free stationery giveaway, use refillable pens and pencils, and reuse file folders by placing a new label on top. Encourage your team members to adopt the same Good Step. Additionally, it will also reduce your cost on these items when holding inhouse events when teams carry the stationary which is already available with them.

5. Incoming Paper - Whenever possible, opt for electronic bills, statements, and documents to reduce the amount of paper used. Not only is it more accessible to organize and store, but it also saves space.

6. Printing:- Adopting a few printing tricks can go a long way in reducing paper waste. You can reduce margins to use less paper, reuse single-sided printed paper to create a notepad, and set up printers to print double-sided automatically.

7. Handkerchief:-  Most washrooms don't offer eco-friendly paper towels. Choosing a handkerchief over paper towels can lessen your footprint and be kinder to your skin. Many places have hand dryers, and some offer both dryers and paper towels. When offices invest, it's crucial to choose an efficient hand dryer to avoid people switching to paper towels due to slow drying.

Once you've successfully adopted two or three of these practices, consider going viral and spreading the word to your colleagues. We would be happy to help you organize a webinar or seminar in your office to discuss sustainable practices for a better tomorrow. Reach out to us at goodideas@smallerfootprint.co.

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