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Easy Steps to Zero Cost Sustainable Living

Many people believe sustainable lifestyles are not for every day and can be very expensive to adopt. At Smaller Footprint Co., we believe that this is just a myth based on a few fallacies and incorrect assumptions.

The first myth is that sustainable lifestyle needs to meet an ideal promoted by magazines and gurus. The reality is that there is a large spectrum of sustainable lifestyles and it is up to you to decide where in the spectrum you want to be and the best part is that whether you are just starting off with small things or adopting a true zero waste lifestyle, you will make a difference, which will be valuable over the long term. 

Here are some good steps which you can consider adopting. Remember you do not need to adopt all of them, just choose the ones which feel right for you. 

At Home:

  • Set a shower timer of 5 minutes to reduce water consumption. 
  • Set your AC at 24-25 degrees Celsius to conserve energy. 
  • Switch off the AC after the room cools down and keep the room insulated with the fan on.  
  • Cover pots while cooking to reduce energy/gas consumption.
  • Do not waste food; plan meals and store food properly to minimize food waste.
  • Only order from e-commerce sites when absolutely necessary, since packaging and transport have a high environmental cost. Instead consider walking down to the neighborhood market or shop is not only good for the environment, it is also good for your health. 
  • Avoids small plastic snips entering water bodies and clogging them. So cut the corner and don’t snip fully.


  • Support renewable energy by choosing products and services from companies committed to sustainability.
  • Use banana peels as a nutrient in your plants at home.
  • Start reusing your fruit and vegetable peels either in food for edible parts or as natural cleaners and fertilizers for the rest- BIO ENZYMES.


  •  Segregate your waste at home as per your society guidelines to facilitate recycling and composting.
  • Minimize waste by recycling materials such as paper, glass, and plastics.
  • Opt for digital bills wherever possible. Easy to manage and track and avoids paper and clutter. 

Out and About:

  • Make sure things are meant to go inside Bin lands inside and not outside and help someone who faces challenges in understanding that. 
  • Consider opting for bus services like Cityflo instead of driving to work. 
  • Carry your bottle/cup and avoid single-use plastic bottles and cups for drinking water/ beverages.
  • Carry your toiletries when travelling to avoid using disposable items at the hotel. 

Personal Habits:

  • If you eat non-veg, just switch one non-veg meal in a week to a vegetarian meal 
  • Just say no to freebies at meetings, conferences or any other event to avoid unnecessary waste
  • Clear unnecessary emails regularly and unsubscribe from those you don't need to reduce digital waste. 
  • Send birthday gifts wrapped in newspaper or reused gift paper  or even cloth to reduce waste.

By incorporating these simple practices into your daily life, you can contribute to a healthier planet for future generations and None of these cost anything. 

Now what reason would be there to not start doing these? 

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