Eco-Positive Gifts: The Right Way To Go

Eco-Positive Gifts: The Right Way To Go

Do you love receiving gifts? Of course, you do! Very few would say that they do not like gifts. We all engage in giving and taking gifts in some form be it at home or work place. It has been in the culture and practice for ages and mostly accompanies some celebrations or festivities or events.

I tried to implement a no-gift policy on birthdays for the last two years but was unsurprisingly unable to get it accepted by my family. A few months back however, we came across a no-gift campaign during this Diwali by an established organization.

But let's admit it's not easy to immediately shift to a no-gifting culture after so many years (actually centuries) of practising it.

So, what led to the start of the no-gifting idea?

The onset of the “No-Gifting” concept carries its genesis to three core reasons: 

  • The most unpopular reason would be to avoid emissions and footprint associated with gift production from packing to transportation.
  • The most practical reason that gifts what we perceive to be of use to the other person may be not. What we buy as a gift might not be useful to the other person as now we all have personalised choices and vice versa leading to a waste of money.
  • The most obvious reason is that the same market where the majority will get their gifts leads to duplicity and accumulation of similar things which instead of being a gift becomes more of a burden.

The production and transportation of gifts can harm the environment, and the gifts we give may not even be useful to the other person. That's why we need to rethink our gift-giving habits and start giving eco-positive gifts that leave a smaller footprint on the earth.

So what do we do?

  • The solution to this is also in the most unpopular reason which has led to the birth of the No-Gift concept. So, the simple answer is to choose gift items which are eco-positive and leave a smaller footprint.
  • Also as a pro-tip ask the recipient what they want. Nowadays people are open to sharing their wish list although not all might be comfortable. It is always helpful for you and the other person if you can ask beforehand what they need. You also save time in choosing your thoughtful gift for them).

And what are these eco-positive gifts?

Simply put these gifts create less burden on the earth as compared to their traditional counterparts in terms of the use of resources it takes to produce. Gifts which are durable and can be re-used are also more eco-friendly than 1 time use products.

Are we saying the products currently used are not to be continued?

Not at all, all we are saying is that when you decide to gift, see if there is a sustainable alternative that meets the requirements. E.g. If you are gifting a scented candle, choose soy wax candles vs. paraffin wax. Consider fabric toys as against plastic toys for children.

So, what Are Some Eco-positive Gift Options?

1. Bamboo products:- Bamboo is a great alternative to traditional cotton in terms of its minimal water requirement and negligible pesticides used for cultivation. Making the switch to bamboo products, such as apparel and accessories, reduces the environmental footprint with its lower raw material footprint. Remember one thing transitioning to bamboo is good not by replacing what we have but by choosing it when we buy new.

2. Recycled plastic products:- Recycled plastic products like bags, clothes, and desk accessories made from RPET derived from post-consumer plastic contribute to reducing plastic waste while minimizing the environmental impact associated with conventional product production.

3. Upcycled products:- Products made of reclaimed materials like reclaimed wood, glass, and metal, or straws/husks which are otherwise a problem to dispose of, offer an environmental solution and eco-positive product alternative. Examples will include drinkware made out of these husks or reclaimed coconut shells for example.

So, what's the bottom line?

Eco-positive gifts are the way to go. They are better for the environment, more useful and practical, and can improve brand image and employee satisfaction as well. So, the next time you need to give a gift, choose an eco-positive option and encourage others to do the same. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment while still celebrating the special moments in our lives.

It is also important to consider adopting Eco-Friendly gift wrapping alternatives as well.

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This blog post is a great resource for anyone looking to give more sustainable gifts! I love the breakdown of the reasons behind the “no-gift” movement and the clear examples of eco-positive alternatives. The tips for asking recipients about their wishes and using recycled wrapping are fantastic additions too. Keep spreading the word about conscious gift-giving!


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