Top 5 Myths About Sustainability

Top 5 Myths About Sustainability

A lot of people are not able to take their first step towards sustainable living due to many myths and misconceptions about sustainable living. It’s with a couple of small steps and switches along with breaking some myths, our impact on the environment can be reduced.

Here are our top 5:

Sustainability is only for businesses.

  1. Sustainability is for business who has a role in decision-making from the production to consumption of every item on earth. So all individuals who are consumers and decide what to buy can have a big impact on sustainability.  
  1. Plastic is all-bad.
    One-time plastic and improper disposal of plastic are bad. We will continue to use plastic in some areas- good quality and reusable ones like suitcases.  
  1. Sustainability means recycling
    Recycling is one way of putting the existing resources back in circulation but we must exercise refuse and reduce along with that because recycling extends life but may leave waste. 
  1. Green living lifestyle is about frugal living and depriving of the comforts
    Living sustainably does not mean depriving yourself of the things you love or leaving all your comforts. It is about doing things in an eco-friendly way or using the sustainable versions of the things you like doing.  You cannot stop flying if the only mode available is an airplane but you can of course choose to carry your own toiletries & cutlery when enjoying this travel to avoid that trash.
  1. Sustainable Living is Time-Consuming
    Environment-friendly solutions like composting etc. take more time and effort as compared to current use and throw. However, the time needed once set up is done does not take more than 15 minutes a week and you create black gold out of it.. Or take another example, switching to reusable bags. Post-one-time purchase (that also if you don’t have one), the only thing needed every time is to remember to carry it.  To make it easier some compact bag options expand if needed and are easy to carry.

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