The Journey To Zero

The Journey To Zero

Zero waste is possible only when one refuses to buy anything other than essentials. This may not be practical for many. However, that doesn’t mean we cannot make conscious choices and reduce our environmental footprints.  

So what then? : When we cannot refuse, reduce – rethink what you need vs want. Just because there is a sale and we already have plenty of clothes in the wardrobe do we need more?. 

But how it works, an example may help: Reuse/Repair/Recycle – Upcycle the things which you already have before buying something new

For example- Clothes to cloth bags or repair electronic devices instead of buying new even though the new one is priced attractively.  Or recycle ( e.g. plastic containers at home to a plastic recycling center) if cannot be reused. 

When nothing works – rot- compost what is possible, the rest will add to the landfill. 

Point to note: that food is biodegradable but food waste does not biodegrade in landfill.

  • In a landfill, waste is compacted and stored underground without air.
  • Without oxygen food waste produces methane, which is more potent than CO2.
  • By composting food waste, you can reduce emissions and give nutrients to the soil. 

How many R’s in zero waste? These are what is being commonly referred to as R’s – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot. It ranges from 3R’s to 9R’s with some steps combined or subdivided.

It’s YOU who can make the difference by adopting these R’s one at a time. Only when YOU start making the change ALL others will also move in that direction. 

Key Takeaway: 

Start with one small step at a time and reduce your environmental footprint

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