Top 7 Areas Towards Smaller Footprint To Anywhere

Top 7 Areas Towards Smaller Footprint To Anywhere

If you look for ways to start a sustainable living you will come across 100 plus ways to start the journey. Remember, big changes can be brought by simple steps practiced consistently.  Here are our top 7 enablers to make the switch. Start with any of these, which you find easy to adopt & start walking the good steps.


  1. Carry your own bag- Any bag available at home, No matter if you are reusing a plastic one as well. Just avoid bringing extra plastic and paper along with what you shop. Every bag saved is a resource saved.
  2. Carry your own steel straw or avoid straws altogether. Straws are less than a % of total plastic waste but are easy to make a switch where you can make even the children aware of the plastic issue as well as move them to a healthier choice.
  3. Carry your own bottle/cup and avoid single-use plastic bottles and cups for drinking water/ beverages.
  4. Recycle remaining plastic- Join your local plastic recycling community where you can either drop your plastics for recycling or use a collection service if that is available. In either case wash, clean, and dry the plastic to help recycle and avoid any insects, etc.
  5. Don’t snip plastic packets: Avoids small plastic snips entering water bodies and clogging them. So make a cut on the corner and don’t snip fully.
  6. Segregate waste- whether needed as per your locality’s rule or not. When waste is segregated into wet, dry, and hazardous at your house itself it helps the proper disposal and recycling of dry waste, and wet can be converted to other useful items back to the environment.
  7. Start reusing your fruit and vegetable peels either in food for edible parts or as natural cleaners and fertilizers for the rest- BIO ENZYMES.

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